April 5th Updates

Project Updates for Reclaiming the Pop Up

Given some initial comments made during our presentation time, we have been thinking about the scale and expansiveness of our project. One extremely helpful reading and resource has been the Micro Small Museum https://micro.ooo/ concept. It is very similar to the free library or library in a box concept https://littlefreelibrary.org/ that has become popularized recently and we have also seen it in spaces around Kendall.

However, we hope to carry some of our initial concepts and goals despite scaling down in a physical manner:

  • A physical foam board prototype of a micro museum model
  • AR development and HCI (Human-computer interaction) with tactile inputs
  • An exhibit centered around one theme that engages viewers through interactive exhibits in a variety of perspectives

And we have done:

  • Researched the development of entertainment and amusement park design theory (Disney and Universal studios) to create immersive environments
  • We have been starting to build the model and framework for a tool that can track visitors’ physical movements and generate unique, interactive visualizations based on their behavior. We have already been collecting data for the model training step, which is a significant step towards developing a functional product.
  • We are working on creating a detailed journey map that outlines the step-by-step experiences visitors will get, starting from the second they step into the pop-up museum.
  • Given the comment last time, we narrowed down our goal and made it more clear and specific.
  • We are also working on developing a narrative and designing the experience.
  • Inspired by the reading, we decided that there should be a cohesive theme for our pop up museum, such as having a consistent color theme, and we have been drafting ideas for the cohesiveness and the overall environment we want to create for the museum.