Here is the link to our MuseConnects Update Presentation.

  • Initial designs are linked within the slide deck and also here.
  • From audience observation and user feedback we learned, amongst other things:
    1. Half of all observed visitors interact and/or take photos within a gallery
    2. Some kind of engagement is desired
    3. The dynamically (dis)appearing responses and seeing the response move onto the wall is compelling and would get engagement
    4. Looking for low-stakes, simple, quick ways to engage with an interaction piece
    5. Prompting, scaffolding, agency for different ways to engage within the interaction piece (respond, react, comment) are important
    6. A compelling, open-ended question is key to getting engagement
  • Changes to the original idea are slight: we are focusing on short response – one way to engage for one exhibit – and keeping the original elements of being able to respond and react to others’ responses. We are now utilizing projection technology to provide a better aesthetic and larger visual impact for visitors.
  • Questions we continue to work on:
    1. Is the “Share” button meaningful?
    2. What can we do to maximize both the likelihood that people will engage and the quality (informational, interactional) of their experience? a. How can we make sure the cognitive load isn’t too high so that people do actually engage with this? b. What aesthetic approaches are enticing and inviting while not detracting?