A description of the issue/problem that you are trying to address One idea I have is an app that allows you to scan colors found in artworks / the world. With the color swatches, the app will generate color palettes or you can create your own. This will allow people to engage with artworks beyond just traditional methods and help people with their creations after they get inspired at museums.

The envisioned audience for your project Artists: Artists will be able to save colors they like in the world, see how they would look together, and then export these color palettes for use in digital art softwares. Kids: The app will give kids a new way to interact with art. There could be challenges, such as, find the colors of a giraffe and draw one, or find all the colors of the rainbow, or see how many shades of pink you can find.

Potential museum collaborators (currently MFA; Harvard Art Museums, MIT-Museum, and others are possible as well) Any museum with a vast collection of artwork could be a potential museum collaborator; the MFA or Harvard Art Museum could work well.

Technological/spatial/installation approach (if part of the project) The app will allow you to scan colors in works of art and then provide color palettes from those swatches or will let the user create their own color palette. The user can either find certain colors as part of a challenge or simply find colors they love. The user can then either create small works of art within the app using those colors or export those colors to a separate digital art platform.

Skill sets needed for your project UI/UX design, knowledge of design and color theory, possibly coding