What attracts your attention?

  • Moving things, unusual things that I haven’t seen before. Large things. Things that quickly grabs my attention/I have to know what’s going on quickly or else I lost interest and get distracted by something more shiny.

What’s cool?

  • The way the museum incorporates the different senses with their various exhibits is very fun. Lots of things to do/things to interact with
  • Huge collection right outside the classroom What’s unusual
  • Some exhibits were hard for me to understand. They were just kind of there, and I couldn’t seem to find relevant information either
  • I couldn’t find descriptions about a lot of the huge collection outside the classroom? I didn’t understand why they were there or what they were.
  • Malfunctioning Jibo
  • I left the typing brain analysis exhibit very confused because it gave me no conclusion about my brain.

What’s confusing

  • Sometimes it was hard for me to find more information on the exhibits
  • Sometimes I didn’t know how to interact with some exhibits and/or what the purpose was
  • Hard to figure out the bigger picture- is there one?

Things to think about when designing

  • Who are the types of people going to the museum? What are they looking for? o Collectors o People looking for inspiration o Instagrammers o Social experience o Learners, etc.
  • Is there a way to design an exhibit to catch someone’s attention and maintain it for a long period of time?
  • What should be the social culture of the museum, and how do we facilitate that?
  • Screens showing videos with in-depth detail on exhibit- can we reset them so people can watch it from the beginning? It’s really bothering to not be able to start from the start and not know when it ends
  • Think of better ways to enhance the experience using technology rather than just screens.
  • Perhaps design an experience that feels rewarding after users work for it? (This is in relation to the typing exercise- I felt very disappointed for not getting brain analysis afterwards)
  • QR codes- can we make them pretty/ a part of the exhibit, like in the tunnels?