• Reached out to Debbie - thinking about how to incorporate current cool Exchange animations / projections into this project since I’m not an op art design kid
  • I’ve decided which meditative practices I want to show, and worked on their presentation:

Introduction to MIT Firehose Culture (1 minute) Where meditation stands (1 minute) Guided 2 minute practice (random)

  • Grounding: Ujjayi breath (Darth Vader breathing)
  • Exploratory: Following the breath
  • Open awareness: Watch the mind
  • Focus: Watch the candle Closing statement (1 minute)

Currently writing up scripts for each section. This week, will record audio narration + guided practices (by me unless I find a volunteer with a really nice voice, otherwise… I might have to make some magic on Audacity…). Then, will start creating simple animations for looping slide deck for background. Next week, make animations for guided meditations

  • Question: I’m really good at using powerpoint for animations and stuff (figured it out sometime in elementary school?). I don’t think that’s how people do things in industry. Recommendations on simple software to use for animations / graphics / videos? I’m thinking big blocks, translations, stuff that I could’ve done with powerpoint. Also debating between making animations for guided meditations and filming myself- thoughts?

Update at bottom of slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jz2Y-RLkzvB3_Snsighde501saT00roY/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=101328927074097265439&rtpof=true&sd=true