• Initial designs and mock-ups
    • See slides!
  • A detailed description of your updated technical approach (if applicable)
    • See slides for diagrams/images
    • Two computers can interact with the web server
      • These are representative of the consoles in the museum
      • Interact with inform by using mouse rather than kinect
      • Otherwise the same as the proposed solution
    • Web server holds internal state of inFORM system
      • Array of pixel locations on the inform
      • state is updated whenever an input computer manipulates the state on the inform
    • Output computer pulls new state in real time from server, displays what the inform would show
  • Results from audience research/observation (if applicable)
    • N/A
  • Any other updates such as changes to the original concept, conversations with museum partners, etc
    • in contact with Debbie on what an exhibit with inFORM might look like at the MIT Museum, we’re trying to get in touch with members of the Tangible Media Lab to understand the engineering aspects underneath the machine
  • Questions or issues that you are struggling with
    • N/A