Interactive Art Exhibit

Target Audience: People who are a bit tired of the traditional art exhibit formula of look at image and then read about image, but are excited to actually be able to interact with an art exhibit. The goal of the exhibit is to different perspectives on the art the guests may already be familiar with but also lets them meaningfully change and interact with the art that they are shown.

Potential Implementation: We could implement something similar to whats shown here where we run real-time style transfer to a specific painter’s art style, using a system of cameras or sensors in combination with a projector and or screen. One idea could be to have a camera setup that directly gets fed into a style transfer algorithm, or something more subtle like a projection of the art onto the floor which interacts/morphs as you step through the exhibit via pressure sensors installed on the floor.

Skills Needed: Someone who is interested in integrating sensors/cameras with an interactive exhibit, someone interested in computer vision models(I can cover this part), or just someone generally interested in creating immersive art exhibits

Potential museum collaborators: Harvard art Museum, MIT Museum