Problem Despite the crypto winter as the result of certain disruptive events in the space, there is still a market for digital assets, specificially NFTs, and the question of how to integrate these into our existing cultural institutions remains. Furthermore, given the environmental impact of NFTs, there is another question of how to responsibly create digital assets with this in mind. With more museums launching “official NFTs”, I would like to propose a service that partners with museums to streamline this process with the following points addressed:

  1. A carbon-neutral platform where the carbon footprint of the NFT must be offset by carbon credits. The collector has the responsibility to also buy the carbon credits when acquiring an NFT.
  2. Currently most NFTs are just separate entities lacking curation and structure. Develop a protocol to enable curation by theme.
  3. Signatures with museums certifying the “official”-ness of a minted NFT based on existing work
  4. Exploration into pure NFTs without a physical counterpart as an augmentation of the museum collection

Envisioned Audience Collectors of digital assets, museums, environmental-conscious crypto enthusiasts.

Potential Museum Collaborators MFA, ICA, MIT Museum, smaller local museums

Approach Partner with one museum to begin with and create a minimum viable product that addresses the most important problem of carbon neutrality and signatures.

Skill set web3 dev, web2 dev, marketing