Does the use of technology enhance your experience? Is technology the only solution to experience the artifact or could you imagine another, also non-technical solution?

The use of technology in the MIT museum and its effectiveness really depends in my experience. I definitely do expect it in a museum for MIT, though.

I liked the tech demos- like with the AI robot arm and Jibo. It’s really cool to interact with and see them working in person rather than just on some article. I think I expected more of those types of experiences, though. When I think of MIT, I think of a lot of hands-on interactions, and I wish that was better seen at the museum. The living room was pretty cool though, although I still haven’t figured out exactly what kind of things the room reacts to.

There were some I didn’t feel like quite made it technologically though, like on the first gallery with the big screen where you create the little figures, or where you stand in front of the speakers that light up and talk about people’s experiences with MIT. I feel like these could definitely have non-technical solutions to experience them.

I guess this has more to do with just MIT and its theme in general, but I guess technologically, I was expecting a more “mens et manus” approach to the galleries. Content is really interesting, though!