IMG_3044.jpg One of the first rooms that Razan and I walked into was the Tracing Threads gallery, which immediately caught our attention because of the sheer size and variety of color. As we explored the room, we noticed a projection on the wall to support some of the learning in the room. The exhibit itself is meant to “shine a light on the many ways that patterns of migration, immigration, and global commerce shape and distort our cultural identities and genetic histories” (MIT Museum, 2023). The patterns and textures of the physical exhibit were eye-catching and inviting, but the digital component, the video projected on the wall, was not as complimentary as we thought possible. There was no interactive tech in the room, the video that was playing was silent - signaling quiet in the space and discouraging conversation, and there was not much seating to invite visitors to sit, watch, and engage with the material. This exhibit, though, I believe has so much opportunity for complimentary tech to make information digestible and engaging. For example, it seems as though the gallery wants us to consider patterns of migration and immigration in relation to goods. There could have been tech provided that prompts users to explore the history of a t-shirt, from production to sale. Alternatively, the exhibit could have told stories of folks who are making the goods in sustainable fashion. While this gallery was visually appealing and offered an exciting scale of object, the lack of interactive tech in the room is a missed opportunity.