The Voice of AI

This exhibit has motion or presense sensors with light indicators projected to the floor to activate a recording of scientists talking about AI. What does it mean to stand there to activate the voice rather then just pressing a button? Perhaps this mode serves as more active engagement to force the viewer to stay with the exhibit and listen.

Arthur Gansan

This exhibit has motion/presense sensors in front of the statues to turn on the moving statue when someone is nearby. This can be a power saving mechanism. It also may serve as an invitation to engage since you must be close to see the details of the statue, and enchourage engagement.

Virtual Tools Game

This is a screen with a physics game on it. It allows for interaction with the concepts, expands possible options to play, and gives the viewer agency.

Write a Poem

This is a visual screen that curves above the user that displays poems from museum visitors. Perhaps the use of AI means the use of tech to tie the expeirence together.