It was exciting to look through the photo archive of the Swiss Folklore Society! The homepage had clearly labeled collections that the user can click on. They are then brought to a page which displays an overview/introduction of the collection, as well as the more technically detailed development protocol. At the bottom, the number of objects, positives, negatives, and other media types are emphasized and clickable. The user can click on these to filter through the objects in the collection. However, it is sometimes unclear to decipher what section you are looking at because there is no label that indicates to the user. This drawback in the user experience is easily solvable by adding a title that says the media type for each category. When scrolling down past the media in the collection, you are invited to search through other collections from the homepage. However, another shortfall in the user experience is that the navigation bar does not help in going back to the home page or browsing the various collections, it is mainly used for switching between languages. This creates a less seamless experience for the user because they have to manually click back and navigate to the homepage, or tirelessly scroll down past all the objects in a collection to go back to the collection list. If the navigation menu had the collections listed, the user would be able to navigate to these more easily and efficiently.

Overall, I felt that the archive had clearly organized collections that the user can browse through, as well as having a good balance between text and image. However, I did feel that there were a few wayfinding issues regarding the efficiency of navigating to other collections and the usefulness of the navigation menu.