There were several features of the photo archive that I found particularly helpful. For example, each photo is labeled with not only a title, but also a unique alphanumeric identifier that may be useful for citation or reference purposes. Additionally, I thought that the advanced search option was well-structured and sufficient for basic researching or viewing purposes as it offered useful categories to search by like time, place, and technique.

One detail that I think could enhance interaction experience with the archive would be to include more details on the photographer through separate, linked pages containing photographer biographies. I also noticed that there is a link under each photo that can take someone directly to the photo in the archive, which led me to think that it could be interesting to implement a feature that displays how many citations or references the image has. Databases of scholarly articles and some archives of visual media and art have this feature, and it could be interesting to observe what context these photos are being viewed and used in, especially because their range of origins is so international.