In the Simone Leigh exhibit I was thinking a lot about the context: what would people know about the work beforehand, what information could they gather and learn during, and could they follow up? I would love to know a little bit more about how accessible the app is – is it in the museum paper guides, is it placed around in places that are easily seen, and how many people use it? And then I think about the computer area where you can see some of the works from the Biennale. Essentially my question is: how much information are people able to access on the work, or are they walking through the exhibit without any info ever (and is that fine)?

Something I saw that was quite interesting was the mobile museum from Dayanita Singh – I know we have been talking about the idea of a mobile museum. I think this is slightly different in the sense that I think (?) its main focus is to be modular and be different and mobile in its own design, not necessarily its traveling nature. Still, I think the size and structure of it would lend itself well to be moved. That being said: how compelling was it amongst the other works, and maybe is there a way to have it be more engaging while also having the aspects of mobility that are being sought after?