I think the app is really cool! It grants access and getting to experience – whether at the ICA or not, and I wonder about the effect of getting to hear recordings; watch videos; and prime, supplement, and follow-up the vising experience.

I think the information offered for the objects, along with being able to zoom in, listen to descriptions, is great! I personally found it really meaningful. I wonder: who wrote the text – and is the text in the app the same as on the wall (if there is text on the wall), and who wrote the audio? Who’s narrating the audio? I am curious, sure, and I do also think there’s impact to who/what is behind these and delivering them.

I appreciate the responses as well, and I find myself in a little bit of need of additional context: who are the people responding, what is the context for both their responding and for their presence of their responses on the app? I am also wondering if these responses are imbued into the physical visiting experience as well?

I then have a question for the overall experience: what are the stats on people using this app to explore / gain context on the ICA before they visit; on people using it during their visit, how so, and what affordances that provides; and on people who use the app to non-physically revisit the ICA after they’ve been. All really interesting questions that will get some clarity and illumination tomorrow!