I found this archive to be very hard to use, given that it is in German. Switching the language to English did very little to help, and only changed a few parts of the site. After turning on Google Translate, I was able to make a lot more sense of the site. I think it’s really cool that every collection has a big description about what the collection is, and some collections even include videos about them. I also really like the view when you click on a photo from a collection. The photo takes up a lot of space, and the information about the photo is very good (especially the commentary about the photo). However, I think the way that the photos are displayed within a collection (the grid view) is a missed opportunity for a better user interface. Especially given how large these collections are, a grid that displays 40 photos at a time for 107 pages is not easy to use at all. I can not think of any scenario in which someone would go through all 107 pages. It is also not clear to me how these photos are organized. I think it would be cooler if all the photos were shown in a big cloud, sorted by color or some other factor. This would provide a zoomed out view of the collection, and then users can zoom into the parts they are interested in. This would allow the user to see the scope of the collection, and allow for more natural exploration and discovery.