Prompt: Ann is responsible for the conceptual direction and design of all new exhibitions and the management of the MIT Museum’s galleries and exhibition spaces, including its main museum, the Museum Studio & Compton Gallery, and the Hart Nautical Gallery. The MIT Museum is not an art museum, but rather a museum to show technology and the story of MIT. The mission of the museum is to “Turn MIT inside out.” Today, she will be coming into our class to discuss the role of generative AI in the MIT museum. The MIT museum has an AI exhibit that we will be touring as well. What questions should we ask Ann?

Model: GPT-4


  1. How has generative AI influenced the conceptual direction and design of exhibitions at the MIT Museum?
  2. In what ways does the MIT Museum utilize generative AI to enhance visitors’ experiences and engagement with technology?
  3. How does the “Turn MIT inside out” mission statement relate to the implementation and showcasing of generative AI in the museum?
  4. Can you provide examples of specific generative AI projects or installations currently on display at the MIT Museum?
  5. How do you envision the future of generative AI in the context of the MIT Museum, and how do you plan to incorporate upcoming advancements in AI technology?
  6. What challenges have you faced in integrating generative AI into the museum’s exhibitions, and how have you addressed them?
  7. How do you ensure that the AI exhibit remains accessible and comprehensible to a diverse audience with varying levels of technical expertise?
  8. What role do collaborations with AI researchers, students, and industry professionals play in the development and presentation of the AI exhibit?
  9. How has the inclusion of generative AI in the MIT Museum impacted the museum’s educational and outreach efforts?
  10. What ethical considerations do you take into account when incorporating AI technologies, particularly generative AI, into the MIT Museum’s exhibitions?

Evaluation: I was very impressed with the questions that ChatGPT came up with. The prompt took a bit of refining to get the response that I was looking for. It originally thought the MIT was an art museum, so I needed to include a short description of what the MIT Museum is, and I also decided to include the mission statement for further context. I also included a short bio on who Ann is so that ChatGPT has the context on who we are asking the questions to. Finally, I included a section about what Ann will be doing with us in class and that we would like to ask her questions. After developing this prompt, I started to receive satisfactory questions.

I think that these ten generated questions do a very good job at addressing multiple aspects of the role of generative AI in the MIT Museum. They cover topics such as the influence of generative AI on exhibition design, visitor experiences, challenges, and future prospects. These questions also demonstrate a good balance between asking for specific examples (Q4) and exploring broader conceptual ideas (Q2, Q3). They also take into consideration the importance of accessibility (Q7) and collaborations with different stakeholders (Q8). Finally, one question touches upon the potential ethical implications of incorporating generative AI in museum exhibitions (Q10), which we have also been discussing in class, and I am interested to hear her answer on it.

My only complaint with these questions is that they are somewhat broad. However, I gave ChatGPT all of the information that I have, so I do not know if I personally could have come up with some more specific questions. I could have included specific information about displays in the AI exhibit for further context.