After visiting the Ernst Brunner photo collection archive, I found it to be a valuable source of information for researchers due to its comprehensive organization and detailed descriptions of the collection. However, there are some areas that could be improved to make the archive more accessible to a wider audience.

The archive descriptions are detailed and informative, covering the history of the collection’s creation, the types of photographic materials it contains, and its overall mission. The photographs themselves are well-organized, with a numbering convention that makes it easy for researchers to locate specific images. Additionally, the archive provides a manual on how to approach the photographs, which further facilitates research.

However, the descriptions may be difficult for non-German speakers and those unfamiliar with photographic terminology to follow, which could hinder their ability to fully explore and utilize the archive. Additionally, while the photographs are documented with dates and numbering, there is limited background information and context about each photograph. Without this context, it may be challenging for the general audience to fully appreciate the significance of the collection. Nevertheless, providing context for each photograph may be a challenging task given the large size of the collection.