The Experience Economy I like how one aspect of creating an environment is simply considering what would encourage guests to “just want to be there”. As curators put so much work into the exhibits themselves, guest experience within those exhibits can sometimes be seen as an afterthought when it should be at the forefront of the design, as guest experience is the main aspect of the visit for the guests themselves. Guests are unable to properly engage with and learn from exhibits if the museum is too crowded, at an uncomfortable temperature, doesn’t have enough seating, or is inaccessible in other ways.

First Time and Repeat Visitors Gaining repeat visitors is essential to any community-based museum. The article proposed changing exhibits more often as well as offering more community and museum events to turn locals into repeat visitors. The article also recommended encouraging group visits -I’m wondering how this can be implemented. What does it mean to encourage a group visit? How can museums cater and advertise to groups rather than individuals?