Reading 3: Critical Curation and Exhibition Technologies

If I understand the reading correctly, the long and short of it is that in earlier eras, it was common for objects to be destroyed and very hard to copy objects, and materials from the past were a precious commodity. With the increasing production and transfer of information in the current digital age far outstrips our ability to digest it. This poses a problem for us, as it makes curation much harder; it used to be easy to determine what the best thing to exhibit is, where now it’s an impossible choice.

This seems like a problem that is not at all limited to hte musuem; in all areas of life there is now an information overload. As time goes on, even primitives like sight and sound are being hijacked to feed more content. Think of the wearable devices that we now have, and the concept of VR/AR. It may not be there, but I’m confident that we will at some point have little semblance to life in previous eras. I don’t see this as limited to a given field, or even as an extensitial problem. We’ll just have to adapt to this phenomonon, and there are all sorts of problems that will arise in doing so.