After reading both articles, the experience that immediately came to my mind was Disney. With its high rate of returning visitors and extremely successful selling of experience, Disney checks off at least three of the four “realms of experience” that “The Experience Economy” describes–entertainment, escapist, and esthetic. I think it’s incredible how Disney forged itself into a theme yet still maintains a degree of personalization, even if it’s just through the sheer amount of products that they carry that caters more or less to something unique about every visitor.

I wonder what the author would think about the role that social media plays in the experience economy because I would think that social media enables experience to transcend physical space and the five senses. Social media has significant influence over sentiments and memories of visitor experience: on one hand, it may influence expectations of people who have not yet visited, and on the other hand, even after someone has experienced something, scrolling through others’ reviews or posts may change their initial impression even if their experience was independent of what they saw online.