Question 6: How can a small museum with limited staff and budget implement such grand efforts?

This question drew me in because it also covers the core of accessibility, essentially what are the bare minimum resources you need to make a museum experience connect with the community. Digital media has been crowned in such a manner for all types of innovation- software, digital creation, all these things that don’t require physical resources to make. I believe that this kind of focus on low resource connections doesn’t have to always be digital, however, and people bond much more in a physical space than via social media accounts. One of the museum’s key assets is the space that it provides and the people who work there, and think more about ways to capitalize on that, maybe with lates or community events that don’t need all the flashy themes and showcasing that take up a lot of resources, time, and planning. Why is opening up a discussion that expensive?

Question 3: How can we best reach underserved communities?

The MICRO Museums concept is very exciting and very intriguing because it falls very similarly to our project theme. This is a much more affordable way to bring museums into spaces that otherwise won’t have any, much like our pop up, but scaled significantly down. I would be interested in seeing how we could combine and integrate these ideas to maybe make a pop up museum, more like a community pop up book store/shelf where people can interact with these objects.

Question 5: How can we design community first exhibits?

With my experience in D-lab for global development here at MIT, I believe the answer to this question follows a very core idea: It is collaboration, where you are working with the community and not for the community. It is so often in research and I believe some of the museum world that the curators can speak for the topic, rather than having a community guided and lead project. Supporting, and rather than speaking, for the community is very rewarding

Since we encounter transmedia storytelling in very compelling ways today, it is really exciting to put a name to it! I think this is a core concept in our project because we are hoping to build out something that is across a variety of media and ways of interaction, where different interactions and presentations will tell an aspect of the art piece. Rather than generating loyalty, it can give the viewer or visitor a lesson to learn and grow from.