Tiffany Louie

The author of 2024 brings up the idea of the “third space”- an idea that I have found interesting, because of the fact that our current modern design in the world almost has depleted this from existing. In suburbia, no loitering signs and car based transport work against a place that is away from work and home. This means fewer community connections, so I find the idea that places traditionally restrictive adapting to become community centers as a “third or fourth place” very inspiring. I can see this come to play in some museums I recently visited- like the District 6th museum in Cape town South Africa serves as a community center for the previously displaced, and being relocated diverse District 6th community, or Robben Island in the Maximum Security Prison that held Nelson Mandela. These places- and I hope museums in the future- serve as education points for visitors, activists, and people in their own community.