I thought it was interesting how photography, as a form of art, is a medium that definitely should be considered and analyzed in a more holistic perspective. It’s more easy to form photo albums with similar themes or a collection of what the photographer wanted, and in a sort of “mass production” sort of style. This is different from other art forms- music albums only come out with a few songs each, or paintings / other works typically stand for themselves or may come as a small part of a collection. But photographs can easily be produced on a scale of hundreds and thousands over a small period of time. In consideration of this, there is much to look at and think about as a museum curator- which photos are important? All of them? Some? Why choose specific ones over the entire thing? What was the photographer trying to express in their work, and what specifically do we want to focus on? Curation seems to be much harder as there is a necessity for selection when there is, essentially, more “data”.