From the reading and attached video, it seems that the musuem in question is trying to rebrand what has been a stogy field into something that can reasonate with the broader population at a time where the nature of how humans interact with the world and particularly each other is changing at an incredible pace – the average person’s attention span is dramatically decreasing, and thanks largely to the internet, people expect to see content that’s tailored towards themselves.

In the video, the curator mentions that their revenue dramatically increased, while the number of visitors seemed to be about 2x. I’m curious as to how they managed this.

In some ways, this seems like a dangerous road to go down; a large appeal of musuems (as we currently understand it), is to showcase that which is truly exquisite, or at least relevant, while a lot of what goes on in the web is garbage, precisely because everyone is able to (and oftentimes incentivized to) participate with little friction. She discusses the differnece between design and tools, and I suppose that I like the idea of setting people up for success, almost like a makerspace to encourage people to make their own art; it does seem like a nice model to follow in today’s society.