Rozan remarks that the evolution of museums in the 21st century will largely be out of necessity, due to the changing preferences of society it would no longer be financially feasible for museums to be mausoleums with outdated business models and a one-sided approach to community partnerships. To survive, museums had to reinvent themselves and become more accessible, socially responsible, and generally, just become civic institutions that take on a more flexible role than just curating and displaying exhibits.

I found Rozan’s proposal of museums possibly becoming centers for learning to tackle problems such as unemployment to be particularly interesting. Rozan points out that without the everchanging modern job environment, the need for continual training in the workplace is rising, and I believe that this is true now more than ever with the rise of new tools like ChatGPT which can completely change the way many people go about their jobs. I also believe that museums are a good venue for this sort of continual learning because according to our exercise in class, many people felt like learning was already one of the main things happening at museums, so a shift to presenting some more employment-relevant learning could provide a lot of value to some communities.