I think the idea of using the museum (and various forms of media) like a dog, or an intermediary, is very interesting. I still don’t think I quite understand how to get that to work, though. A dog can be a bridge, but there is still a clear line being drawn between the people (at least in my experience). They don’t talk about much outside of the dog, nor is the person observing the dog quite curious about the person who owns the dog. How would a museum and its artifacts cross that line between people, especially as it feels like society is becoming more closed off as a collective because of technology/phones/lack of social interaction since covid?

Things that I’m more skeptical of is how it seems like the readings and the video are all dated back before covid happened. Although I’m not totally sure how covid impacted the museum experience, I’m sure it did in a way that the readings/video did not anticipate. It would be interesting if we could get some readings on that? I feel like some of what was talked about may not be AS relevant to museums in modern-day because of covid, though I can definitely see more inclusive activities being added into the museum experience ever since.