The Experience Economy

While I agree that creating an experience with a theme is important and interesting, I think it is non-trivial to create the right thematic experience without straying into the realm of being kitsch. In my opinion, creating the right experience requires paying attention to a lot of details; for example, a fancy afternoon tea experience with $5 teacups and saucers shows a lack of sincerity in recreating the experience; MoMA design store with interesting designs that are lacking in manufacturing quality.

Satisfying Museum Experience

The biggest impression I got from the article was how many different articles they cited and stated whether the findings were consistent. In addition, claiming “statistical significance” with a sample size of N=100 is not sound, and the metrics they were looking at were quite limiting. This makes me think that one potential project idea in this area is to develop a set of centralized, standardized benchmarks to enable better analytics for museums, as well as data-sharing across different museums to enable comparative studies.