The first reading was interesting in showing all the different ways AI could be used in museums, in particular to data analytics and how that can be used in a fun way (robotics) that can also interact with visitors. The second reading was also interesting in terms of learning about how an AI system was designed and integrated into the CHM.

It feels like adding AI into the museum experience is inevitable, and I can already think of a lot of potential ethical issues in play because of it. I wonder if there are more interactive ways that teach people about how the museums are using their AI, that can also break down the potential stereotypes people come into the museum with from places like movies and TV shows. A way that’s interactive and on the front-end of the experience, similar to what the Smithsonian is doing. I thought the MIT museums had a pretty cool one with the room, but it’s hard to figure out what it responds to- perhaps a more intuitive and informative + cool experience?