• Kurt Fendt (Instructor)

  • Trevor Morrisey


    Trevor Morrisey is a Software Developer in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He works on a project called the Virtual Manufacturing Lab which is a library of education and training tools for students and professionals in the developing field of integrated photonics.

  • Georgia Van de Zande


    Georgia came to MIT as an undergrad in 2011, and she hasn’t been able to leave since! She is currently a PhD student in the Global Engineering and Research Lab where she designs low-cost solar-powered irrigation systems for smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has a passion for hands-on education, and she is a staff member for 2.009: Product Engineering Processes and 2.00b: Toy Product Design.

    When she is not in the lab, she might be swimming, skiing, traveling, doing ceramics, or sewing plushie toys. She has a dream of one day writing a children’s book.

  • Delace Jia


    Delace is a sophomore at MIT studying Mechanical Engineering. In her free time, she enjoys solving crosswords and writing small puzzle hunts for her friends.

  • Shayna Ahteck


    Shayna is a sophomore at MIT studying a DIY mechanical engineering curriculum (Course 2A) with a minor in Science, Technology, and Society. They are working on a variety of things, including the MIT Minecraft Project, trying new hobbies, building a pulley system between the two towers of McCormick Hall, and babying their dorm room 3D printer affectionately referred to as “homeboy”.

  • Sarah Edwards


    Sarah Edwards is a senior at MIT studing Comparative Media Studies and Biological Engineering. She’s a member of the lightweight women’s crew team (though due to covid, more in spirit than in practice) and spends her free time playing video games, listening to podcasts, and baking.

  • Justin Blinder

    jblinder.jpg Justin Blinder is a first-year graudate student in the City Science group at the MIT Media Lab. Previously, he worked as a technologist and R&D researcher for tech and news companies. He likes riding bikes, street photography, and makes art about data, geography, and the internet.

  • Joy Li

    joy li picture.png

    Joy Li is a sophomore at Wellesley College studying Media Arts and Sciences and Art History. She enjoys photography and crafting in her free time.

  • Audrey Cui


    Audrey is a freshman at MIT intending on studying course 6-9 (computation and cognition). She thinks that if cats had opposable thumbs, they would’ve taken over the world. To cleanse her mind of pset induced grogginess, she enjoys painting, skateboarding, and playing social deduction games.

  • Antonella Masini


    Antonella Masini is a senior at MIT studying Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Learning Machines & Physical Systems. During her MIT undergraduate years she became part of the Number Six fraternity and made a bunch of different interesting mechanical engineering projects that you can find in her website. In order to stay sane at MIT, she enjoys woodworking, running, drawing, salsa dancing and playing ukelele.